In today’s culture, if you talk about how hard motherhood is or the toll housework takes on your body, then you’re showing weaknesses. I say Fuck That! Talk about it because it’s crucial for survival in your own life. If I were to admit the amount of coffee I’ve drunk in 24 hours, one might question the side effects of caffeine on the human body. Like, maybe I’m too skinny because my breakfast consists of coffee with real sugar and two pours of creamer. We had a sexy session with anal, and now I’m freaking hurting as I compose this blog. Okay, damn. Somethings reverse with me for announcing that out loud but, if I’m going to sanctify the quality of on online record, then don’t pretend like you don’t know about anal. I’ll put some ice on my rear and take it more relaxed today. Calm down! It may just be strain from painting our bedroom two and a half days straight, doing the dishes, carrying the large ass basket of laundry from the garage into the house and back out again. Five people under the same roof produce so much fucking laundry. It should be illegal how much Tide we use. I take notes of this energy expenditure from our little family on our fountainhead Earth, and so I’ll bypass things like showering. Let us say that I’m the only hippie in our family! The babies look at me like I’ve gone loco when I take off my footwear and walk around barefooted to feel more grounded. The one who bothers about our inner forces or our feng shui flow being blocked. My man looks at me like I’m talking about tiny green men when I mention chakras. bahahaaa! I told him whenever i cooked our household feasts I was channeling a sorceress performing magic. The herbs, spices, and ingredients are my potions! Our remedies! I’m slowly actualizing that it’s up to me to bring all of the same celebrations and stabilities into our four youngsters lives. It’s not a newsflash for most mums in their 30s but, for this mother, it is. Any sorrow that I’ve felt was rooted in self-indulgence! If I tap that shit escape, then i have zero grievances towards my beautiful fulfilled life. Our mom tries to make all the siblings feel offense towards anything suitable in our lives. She says she’s entitled to anything and everything we earn because “she is our mother and gave us life.” That has correctness to an extent. She gave us life, so it isn’t in our hearts to roll our eyes at the offensive ill-will she’s speaking. But, how many times would you support a stranger insulting you? Most of you just said, “None.” It is a tricky, slick slope. Our mother gave us a name and then she walked away. If our Angel of a grandma wasn’t there to intercept us, Lord knows how or where we would have settled. And, it’s not entirely our mom’s fault, as she had us as a teenager and most likely experiences an unbalanced state of postpartum depression. This theory is just speculation. I’m not a Doctor! All we can confirm is that her way pushes us further apart.

For particulars on what I make these sweet demented children eat, check out my section

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