In the First Degree

The new redaction of me is not going to go as placidly if I’m always second-guessing this relationship. It’s straight fucking disturbing to be looked in the eyes and lied to by a grown man as if he’s a child! Not your mother, doll. You’re not in trouble! I stand five foot, five inches. But, I’m being lied to as if I’m a nine-foot-tall psychopath. The topics up for question are basic. For fuck’s sake, if he lies about this, what lie won’t he say? What I do grasp, is this is no way to exist.

On a different matter, just us girls at the dwelling tonight. Ordered pizza with my 50 % off coupon and now we wait for din-din to manifest. Mess-free!

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m obsessed with Shark Week on Discovery channel. Well, this time National Geographic has graced us with another week of more shark matters! Such as bloody attacks. I mean it’s precisely what the viewer wants to see! However, who wants to watch two weeks of fun facts about sharks? I sense a trial amongst the networks!

I am so damn preoccupied with my thoughts. I stay just missing out on my day to day life. Always doubtful. I’m getting a paper and pen to write a recognition panel. A gratitude list. I may need a reminding. Alone with my feelings of loneliness. They’re lousy.

God Bless and Best Wishes.

Published by Sarcastic Mom's Club

I want to keep my thoughts open without putting our reputation into this. I want to hold space for you as you hold space for us. Welcome to my shit show! I probably just spilled the bong water and made a cup of coffee.

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