Put the Tab on This Guy

You don’t get to have a bad day and call me with your typical bullshit to try to make me feel like my day to day isn’t suitable. My heart race didn’t change until you interrupted with your routine negativity. I wish you weren’t so unhappy. Unpleased with your day to day routine. I want to love you, and i want to trust in you for staying the way that you act. But, it has become more of patience. Low to those nearby you. If we were to put a comparison to it, I’m pouring coffee out, with sugar and fancy creamers and no one is replenishing my mug. This metaphor I have a cold fucking coffee. So for all reasoning and balance, thou have to be extracted from our everyday experience.

It amuses me and reminds me of my very essence that I have one parent with the most frozen heart. So cold it’s bitten. And the other one with a bleeding heart! Slightly drunk and at times immature. Somehow, always reliable. Mommy Dearest thinks that I’m “resentful,” but in actuality, I’m googling which of my 60ish house plants are most qualified for the kitchen shelf above the stove and preparing a back to school supplies list for our two most enthusiastic children. Check out my Pinterest for all the inspiration! https://www.pinterest.com/sarcasticmomsclub/

I’ve been feeling conflictions in growth. I have zilch energy left from my pessimistic parent predicament (bahaha! Hashtag PPP) that i cant exhaust enthusiasm towards a lousy friend. I wish i were better at this and admit this flaw in my nature fully. With that said, my friendships have consisted of you don’t give a shit about my attitude, and I am sorry. But not sad. A little removed. And we push on. All of my associations went this way numerous times, regrettably.

I have the most wondrous family! We experience ups and fluffs, but we always strive to unify, which is what’s most powerful. The admiration and passions perceived within the two of us from a mere hug after any downhill moments are powerful enough to wash away a silly argument. When we fuck, we bind around each other and weave into one another like an old oak tree.

Any man that bestows enthusiasm to plants because y’all do is a damn superstar! 😉 He is the most incredible daddy. I treasure seeing him with our children! i beam while laughter swells the room. i try so hard to be everything that I’ve decided not to forget that i forget to be in the moment. I’ve been very conscious of this recently, and it’s been such a refreshing change in our hearth. Connections are swirling. And i only have room in my soul for the right matters. The application is everything.

My little sister has motivated me to shape a “goodbye summer” day voyage. About fun after all the school clothes lameness is accomplished but before the school year begins!


So off to shower and then bed. I just ate a stack of Oreos with a cup of milk, and Southern Charm is on the DVR. Time for sleep.

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