Chicken Fried Chicken Baked Potato

Modes of Measures: splash a tiny mass of ingredients in the central valley of your palm, digits squished solid.

One tablespoon granulated garlic

One package of boneless chicken breasts, chop up after breaded, cooked and fried

Two tablespoons salt

One tablespoon onion powder

One tablespoon paprika

One spoonful of Country Crocker butter

½ teaspoon cayenne pepper

one tablespoon of all-purpose seasoning

A ½ cup of milk

Four eggs

a small bowl of all-purpose flour

* olive oil for frying

Preparation: -one large bowl for seasoning chicken

-two medium bowls (one for egg/milk combo and one for all-purpose flour) Rub these spices and seasoning into the chicken. Allow this to sit for ten minutes;

next, add milk and egg into the first bowl, enough to cover the seasoned chicken, and will enable the chicken to marinate in it ideally 4 hours IN THE REFRIGERATOR

Remove marinated chicken from the fridge after the allotted time then, bread the chicken with the all-purpose flour before placing it into the hot grease

*heated on LOW

Fry chicken breast until cooked entirely white!!!

Meanwhile, preheat oven to 400 degrees Wrap the desired amount of large russet potatoes with Reynolds Wrap Foil and place directly on the rack. Cook until a fork can puncture the surface smoothly. Cut potato open, add the desired amount of butter, chopped chicken, cheese, and even white gravy!


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